Pine Cone With Snow


THANKS to all our Friends that came to CC Trees this harvesting season for the perfect Christmas Tree. We had another record year for sales of our trees, greenery, accessories and gifts. We want to thank our workers as they were a great face for our business since they were friendly and helpful. We appreciate the interaction with these wonderful, hard working youth. We appreciate knowing you and sharing experiences with you. Until next November 20, 2016 we are officially CLOSED for the 2015 season.
2016 brings another year for your choice of a Real Tree or/Greenery for your home or special place. Marlene and Eldon would like you make this another year for “Keeping the Tradition Alive”.  CC Trees is located just 6 miles from Topeka and can easily be located off Southwest 93rd street and Wanamaker Road south of Topeka. Visitors can walk to our fields to choose their tree. We have three trails to the trees, Elf Trail, Cedar Trail or our newest Deer Trail. If you prefer to cut your own tree, we have farm fresh Scotch Pine, 5 to 13 feet. Many trees are 10 to 12 feet, just perfect for the taller rooms. Our pre-cut trees are in the barn, available in all kinds of weather. These trees are Fraser Fir, Southeastern White Pine and Concolor Fir from the mountains of North Carolina.

Marlene and Eldon have operated Country Christmas Trees for 25 years in order to keep the tradition of the family Christmas tree outing alive. Country Christmas Trees Farm On Snowy Winter Day