Welcome to Country Christmas Trees and Country Christmas Wreaths


“Read COVID-19 Information Below”

We open for the 2020 Holiday Season on Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 @ 9:00 a.m.

Thanksgiving Weekend Hours: Thursday and Friday- CLOSED!  Then Sat. 9 – 4:30 Sun 9 – 4:30 Open for Business.

Regular Hours in December:  9 to 4:30 Saturday and Sunday until we run out of trees.  We are not open during the week or in the evening.

COVID-19 Customer Information

Customers and family members are asked to refrain from attending our farm if they have been in contact with anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms within the last 14 days, have a fever or other symptoms, or if you fall into a high-risk category as defined by the CDC.

How you can help us……

CCTrees will take these steps to protect the health of all those taking part in selecting Christmas trees, gift items and greenery.  We will need customers to be accountable for their own safety as well.  Please help us keep our farm safe and sanitary by following the expectations listed below :

     All visits will be by appointment (available now) on our website, at    www.cctrees.us.  This will be strictly adhered to.  Call us if you have problems making an appointment. Upon entry at farm customers will be checked for correct appointment time and wearing of masks.

  •  Entrance to trees will be one way in and one way out.
  •  Barn entrance to Gift Shop and Wreaths will be limited and by check in,  as well as restroom for sanitation purposes. 
  •  Payment will be with checks or cash.  Cash payment will be rounded to the nearest one dollar.
  •  Separate pay stations.  One for Wreaths and accessories and another   for trees and stands.
  •  Our Staff will load trees and customers will tie on trees unless   disabled.  Search in browser “How to tie Christmas tree on vehicle   You Tube the Jones Family”.
  •  Masks must be worn by all, (exception children 3 and under) and   social distancing practiced.
  • All pets must be in arms or on leash.  Not allowed in barn unless in arms.
  •  A free tree bag will be given for each tree selected.  Pictures by   professional photographers can be scheduled ahead of selling season.   Customers are welcome to view our Alpacas but no feeding.  Tree   stands and accessories will be sold in back of barn.  Pre-cut Fraser   Fir trees will be sold outside.

No other facilities or provisions will be provided by CCTrees this year except shaking and netting trees, twine, carts and saws.  Santa Claus will not be available due to COVID-19.  Do not rely on Google to be accurate with details as we cannot get them to change our information.  All previous information will remain as listed on this site for next year’s selling season.

Please visit our Facebook page for any additional details. Search Facebook Country Christmas Trees, Wakarusa, Kansas.

Marlene and Eldon would like you make this another year for “Keeping the Tradition Alive”.  CC Trees is located just 6 miles from Topeka and can easily be located off Southwest 93rd street and Wanamaker Road south of Topeka. Visitors can walk to our fields to choose their tree. We have three trails to the trees, Elf Trail, Cedar Trail or our newest Deer Trail. If you prefer to cut your own tree, we have farm fresh Scotch Pine, 5 to 10 feet.  Our pre-cut trees are outside the Barn for a healthy experience. These trees are Fraser Fir and Blue Spruce from Michigan.

Marlene and Eldon have operated Country Christmas Trees for over 30 years in order to keep the tradition of the family Christmas tree outing alive. Country Christmas Trees Farm On Snowy Winter Day