About Our Christmas Trees

Tree Varieties

All of our trees are priced individually in the field with price tags, so you know how much they cost before cutting.  (Please, if there is not a price tag on the tree, do not cut it!  It is a future tree needed to maintain a consistent harvest rotation.)

Choose and Cut trees are Scotch Pine.  Pre-Cut Trees are Fralsom Fir.

Potted TreesScotch Pine

Pre-cut Fraser Fir Christmas Trees  Fralsom Fir

Potted Christmas Trees For Apartments

For Smaller Spaces

Our potted trees are great for kids, apartments, small spaces like dorm rooms or other unique areas.  Also, you might like to plant some of our potted trees.  These carry no guarantee since it is difficult to keep a tree inside and then replant outside in the spring.

Tree Pricing

All trees are pre-priced with sale tags.  All trees are different so we have different prices.  We take into account the quality of the tree, the color, the fullness, the height and the straightness. Only trees with price tags sell so you know exactly what you will pay before you cut or buy the tree. Remember, we also need to keep some trees for next year’s customers.